How cluttered space in Margaret’s salon now generates her business £750 per month.

OK, how many of us are guilty of hoarding? Unless you are super organised and even ruthless, we have all opted to throw our unwanted junk into the garage or shed where it will likely sit collecting dust for the next 3 years, until one day we finally decide to do something about it. Sometimes for salon & beauty owners your business premises can also be victim to that trend, for example, has the spare storage room or back of your salon become clutter corner? Does it contain old marketing material or old unused products? if this is you it’s normal, everyone is busy with work and home life and often there are not enough hours in the day to even think about clearing things out. But have you ever considered that you could be missing out on a amazing opportunity to unlock a new revenue stream for your business?

This is what happened to Margaret Brownlee owner of Harlow Gold salon in Buckingham, England who we spoke to this week.
Margaret explained to us ” I was researching on tips and ideas on how to make my salon more profitable, the reason being that I wanted to reduce my hours to part-time due to needing to be at home more to spend more time with my two children who currently need all my support, I came across an amazing video on YouTube on how a salon owner demolished an unused storage cupboard and replaced it with a salon work station ( basically a new chair, mirror and a salon cabinet ) and very quickly was able to rent the work station to a hair stylist for $150 per week. This video gave me the inspiration to spring into action, originally I had bought the salon from a previous salon owner just before the pandemic hit, It was a beautiful salon and very modern, but I always felt the layout wasn’t the most efficient, so with a little planning I was able to draw up a rough sketch on how I could be as efficient as possible with space, we decided to closed the salon for a couple of days and with help from my sisters partner (who is a carpenter by trade ) I was able to rearrange my work stations by bringing them forward towards the shop window, we also removed one of the sinks (which wasn’t required ) and in doing so I was able to install a new work station, but also had extra space to put in a nail bar, the great thing was that the salon still looked spacious and open. The total cost of the renovation work cost just over £1500 which included a new salon chair, salon mirror, salon cabinet, nail polish display holder, a table and two chairs for the nail bar, paint, plumbing accessories and a few other bits and bobs. I was able to have all this work and equipment bought for such a great price, mainly because I was able to get help and I was savvy with my purchases, for me £1500 is still a big financial commitment but two months rental income and the renovations have paid for itself, so I feel this is a good investment with little or no risk.

I had seen had an advert on Google and published my salon there, Within a few days I had a new tenant agreement to rent the chair, and a few weeks later I had a nail technician who decided to rent the nail bar on a part time basis, so between the two work stations I have been able to generate £750 per month and this now enables me to work in my salon on a part-time basis, I would honestly recommended renting your salon space to any salon owners, but getting the right person who is a good fit for your business and fits in well with your team is so important, they may not be your employee but they are working in your salon and therefore they are the face of your brand and your brands reputation.

So Margert’s story is an example of how easy it can be to convert a cluttered space into a new revenue stream to your business, and as Margaret said, ” as long as you get the right person” Initially you may have to under go some light renovations such as plumbing, decorating etc but the long term gains are impressive.

Remember these tips when renting your salon space

  • Discuss terms, E:g Weekly or Monthly payments, length of the contract etc
  • Remember they are your tenant, not your employee
  • Always begin with a trial period for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Digital rights & Social Media, discuss which media you are happy to share with each other.
  • Always draw up a rental contract agreement for absolute clarity.

Are you inspired my Margert’s story? Read how we can help unlock a new revenue stream for your business.

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Use our free rental income generator calculator to see how you can covert extra space into an an additional income stream.

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