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A great way to network, E:g A beauty therapist renter can introduce their client to your service and vice versa.

Why a rental agreement is important

Have an agreement in place between you and your tenant to avoid any confusion and to have absolute clarity on the working arrangement. This will go a long way in maintaining a healthy long term professional relationship that will benefit both parties. It is recommended that you have a legally binding contract to keep both parties covered.

An agreement should cover important things like:

Is your rental agreement a fixed weekly/monthly agreement where the tenant pays a fixed fee, or a split of the income, E:g there is no fixed rental fee for the tenant but the salon take a percentage of the work, normally this percentage is around 35% – 40% to the salon and the tenant keeps the rest, or this could be a combination of both. Having an initial trial period is always advisable and this gives both you and the tenant time to establish if the agreement is going to work, normally the trial period 4 weeks.

Does the tenant have access to materials like your salon towels or products such as colours & dies, or is this something the tenant needs to provide themselves?

Discuss what access your potential tenant has to your Intellectual property, E:g are you happy for them to use things like you company logo, or photos from your social media pages? and also contribute to your social pages? This also applies to you, is your potential tenant happy for you to use images or videos of your work on their platforms?

Your tenant may want to rent your space on full-time or part-time basis, discuss with your new tenant what terms you offer, how flexible are you with regards to set days? are you happy for your tenant to swap days, E;g if there is a day they may not need to work,  can they swap a Thursday for a Friday?

If a tenant is using your equipment its pretty straightforward to add them to your own business insurance, however if their own equipment it is advisable that they use their own insurance.

As a tenant is not employed by you there is no employee commitments like sick pay, holiday pay or maternity leave pay.

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Affordable advertising

Affordable advertising

We understand running a Salon or Beauty business has many outgoing costs, therefore we always make sure our adverting costs are low. See our pricing chart
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Upload & manage your advert

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Dedicated to the Hair & Beauty sector

Dedicated to the Hair & Beauty sector

Unlike many other sites who are very general rental platforms, we only focus on bringing freelancers from the Hair & Beauty to you.
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