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Are you thinking of renting a salon chair?

Read our  popular FAQ’s so help you decide if renting salon chair or beauty space is right for you.



How does hairdressing rent a chair work?

In most cases renting a salon chair is a straight forward weekly or monthly rental fee agreed between you and the salon owner, this is the best way as you know what you are paying and you can run your business with clarity and focus on your clients, in some cases a salon owner will give you a reduced fixed rental price but take commission from your work which can be up to 30% to 35%.

How much is it to rent a salon chair in the UK?

The average price for renting a salon chair in the UK is £30 per day. This price is taken as an average from our current salon hosts who are advertising with Rentachair.

How much flexibility do I get renting a salon chair?

A good salon owner will give you as much flexibility as you want, at the end of the day you are paying for the rental of the chair and you should be able to pick and choose the days and hours that fit your needs, also many salons will give you your one set of keys so that you can access the salon at any time.

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