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The Synergy of Tradition and Innovation: Exploring AI’s Impact on the Hair Industry

Introduction: In today’s ever-evolving world, technology is driving transformative shifts in various industries, and the hair industry is

How to Keep Your Salon Business Thriving During Tough Economic Times

Our latest blog we offer advice on renting salon space and other key tips. In today’s fast-paced and

Why Renting Out Salon Space Can Be a Great Business Move

If you’re a salon owner looking to generate additional revenue for your business, renting out your salon space

Renting a salon chair, a guide for Hair Stylists in New York

Starting or expanding your self employed business in New York City can be a thrilling but challenging experience.

Rent Your Way to Success: Try our free Salon Space Rental calculator,

As a salon owner, renting salon space to freelance hair professionals can be a great way to maximize

10 great money saving tips for self employed Hair Stylists

Being a self-employed hair stylist has it’s rewards as well as its challenges, and one of the biggest

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