A hair stylists guide to renting salon space in 2023

Check out our help guide for salon professionals who are looking to rent salon space in 2023, it contains great tips and advice on what to consider when looking for a salon rental agreement. We will also give you the average rental cost for 2023 which may surprise you.

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How does renting salon space work?

Renting a salon chair or booth is when the owner agrees to let you work in their salon for an agreed rental fee which is normally paid on a weekly or monthly cycle. In addition to renting the chair or booth, other facilities are likely to be included such as the wash basins, hair dryers along with other amenities.

Why should you rent salon space?

Renting a salon chair or salon booth is a great option if you are a hairstylist or barber who is looking to start your own business, its cost effective and and in most cases a straightforward business relationship. As a business model it also benefits the owner as it generates an additional income for simply sharing some of their space in the salon.

What are the most common types of salon rental?

Booth rental: This where you rent a space or “booth” in a salon. You are responsible for your own supplies and equipment, and you keep all the profits from your work.

Chair rental: Renting a salon chair is similar to booth rental, but instead of renting a space, you rent a chair within a salon. Typically it is your responsibility to source your own supplies and equipment, but you keep all the profits from your work.

Suite rental: In this model, you rent a private suite within a salon and have full control over your business. You are responsible for all expenses and keep all profits that you generate.

Some things you may want to consider before entering into a salon rental agreement

Below are some important points to consider before you decide to rent salon space and enter into a rental agreement. Don’t be afraid to ask the salon owner any questions that you have.

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Find out the the type of rental agreement the salon offers

There are normally two different types of salon rental agreements, the most popular being a set rental price which you pay weekly or monthly to the owner, we believe this option to be the best as you know exactly what’s going out of your business expenses and makes budgeting much easier and and is generally more straightforward.

The other option is a commission based agreement where the salon owner takes commission off the work that you do, which can be around 40% , for example you complete a job for one of your clients and your price is $200, the owner gets $80 and you take $120 for the work you done, however there is no fixed rental fee to pay.

Freedom & flexibility

For many self employed salon professionals, freedom and flexibility are one of the most important factors in deciding to rent salon space. After all, as a self employed hair professional you will probably be arranging your own schedule for the weeks and months ahead and you will need to come and go as you see fit. Most salon owners understand this and many will even give you a key to the salon, so always try to establish how flexible the salon owner will be.

What else is included?

A salon owner will know a quality hair professional coming to work at their salon can only be a good thing, they also know you will be a valuable addition to the salons good reputation, therefore a salon owner will want to make their rental proposition as attractive as possible. Here are a few services that the owner may offer, and are these additional services part of the rental price or extra?

  • Do they offer salon towels or in house laundry?
  • Are all utilities included in the rental price? e.g. water, heating, maintenance etc.
  • Are tea/coffee/refreshment facilities available to to your clients?
  • Do they offer you their receptionist service if they have one?
  • Does the salon have car parking available? ( obviously this will depend on a salon location, e:g. a salon in downtown Manhattan is unlikely to offer car parking facilities.
  • Does the salon have easy access to public transport links?
  • Are there any opportunities to gain new walk in clients?

Artistic freedom

Brands & Products: Every hair professional will have their preferred brands and products, and have complete trust in them, so much so that you’ve also recommended these brands to your clients, but what if the salon affiliates itself with a different brand to yours?

Always check with the owner if they are happy for you to use a different brand or product to theirs, or maybe you are happy with the products they use and you are willing to align yourself with their brand. Always discuss this with the owner.

Social media promotion: Social Media is no doubt a major part of your marketing strategy, and there is no better way to showcase your work buy posting photos of that cut and color you just done to perfection, you are proud of it and so you should be! In fact its so good the salon owner wants to use your photos or videos for the wider promotion of the salon, and on the flip side, you want to use your photos within the owners salon.

There is no doubt having a good marketing relationship has benefits for you and the owner, so its important to agree on your marketing relationship.

Review the rental agreement contract

It is very important to written salon agreement, this is perfectly normal should help to prevent misunderstandings and disputes between you and the salon owner

The contract should clearly outline the terms of the rental, including the duration of the agreement, the amount of rent payable, the responsibilities of the parties, and any other provisions that are relevant to the arrangement.

Before signing a salon rental agreement, it is important to carefully read and understand the terms of the agreement. You may want to have a legal professional review the agreement to ensure that it is fair and reasonable, and if there are aspects of the agreement that you feel are missing, ask the salon owner to include it.

Should I have a trial before committing myself ?

A trial period is a good idea as it can give you an opportunity to test out the salon and see if it is a good fit for you and your clients.

During the trial period you can observe the salon and assess the overall atmosphere and vibe, you will quickly get a sense of how well you fit in with the other stylists and overall culture.

It is important to note that not all salon owners offer trial periods, so you may need to negotiate this with the salon owner. You could consider asking for a trial period of between two weeks to a month to give yourself enough time to evaluate the rental agreement.

So is renting a salon chair in 2023 worth it?

Absolutely yes! despite the increased cost of living, salon rental prices hasn’t shown any real upward trend which makes renting salon space more appealing than ever. The rewards for finding a great salon to work in are immense, you let others worry about the everyday running of the salon where you simply focus on your career.

How much does it cost to rent a salon chair in 2023?

The average cost of a salon chair rental is £235 per week, the prices can vary from as low $125 to as high as $500 per week, this will depend on the salons location and services they provide you. These rates are live on www.rentachair.com from current salon owners and rates calculated as an average.

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