Why renting a chair works

Paying a fixed rental fee to the salon owner is straightforward, hassle-free and lets you know exactly where you stand in terms of income, our recent survey shows that over 28% of freelance stylists who are now renting a chair or room were previously salon owners or co-owners themselves,

So why are more an and more stylists choosing to rent a chair? Well there are a few reasons but the most prevalent feedback we received is that less stress and better work life balance being a key factor. Freedom is is also a major reason for going alone renting a chair, you generally are not tied down and although you should settle well in new promises, however if things don’t go to plan you are free to move to any salon and take your clientele with you.

Renting a chair works for both parties though, as a freelance stylist you get all the benefits that we mentioned, but its also a great way for a salon owner to generate a passive income.

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